Should Beginners worry about how to win Texas Hold'em?

Weak Competition doesn't help your Game

One of the obvious ways to improve your chances of beating poker is by seeking out bad players. This is usually done through the use of third-party software, or simply by playing at smaller online poker sites. The latter includes smaller cash games and tournaments, which don't attract as many sharks.

But the problem with going out of your way to find fish is that this doesn't help your game. Just like any other discipline, playing against good competition elevates your game and betters your skills. Of course, we're not saying that you should find the biggest winners you know and constantly butt heads with them. However, we also don't recommend that you constantly run from challenges because good players will motivate you to work on your skills.

What Michael Mizrachi thinks

With over $14.5 million in tournament winnings, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is one of most successful poker players of all time. And when asked for his advice on improving at poker, the skilled pro said the following:

I wouldn't start low stakes, I would start at maybe bigger buy-ins because it's not the same when you're playing against average or below average players, you'll never get better. You've got to play against the best, and maybe you'll become the best.

Okay, so we're not entirely convinced that you should jump into bigger buy-in cash games and tournaments - especially if you are just starting out with the game. However, his advice on playing against the best is definitely good. Furthermore, it goes against the conventional wisdom that people should always be seeking out weaker competition.

Again, though, if you're a total beginner, it definitely wouldn't be a bad idea to start at low stakes just to learn the basics. From here you want to gravitate towards bigger buy-ins and elevate your game to play against better competition.

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